Damjan Zupančič is logist of the year 2016

On Wednesdy, April 5, the Slovenian Logistics Association awarded the prestigious recognition Logist of the year 2016 to Damjan Zupančič, logistics director in TPV d.o.o. The recognition Logist of the year is the highest Slovenian professional award given to the most successful Slovenian logist  for his exceptional logistics achievements he has made with his knowledge and work over the past year.     

The prestigious recognition Logist of the year has been granted by the Slovenian Logistics Association (SLZ) and their predecessors for a decade. On April 5, at the Logistics congress on »Supply chain Management in Science and Practice«, they conferred this award to Damjan Zupančič, logistics director in TPV d.o.o., who stressed that »the award has been earned by the whole team of colleagues and company management who understand and support the needs of logistics. It is reassuring that both the company and the relevant professional association identify our appropriate guidelines and highly professional work on the area of comprehensive management and development of logistics. The main driver of all logistics actions is, of course, to provide customers with excellent services, change the principle of logistigs through internal actions and projects from inevitable and necessary operating costs into a new thinking of logistics as a process creating an added value when implemented correctly and in an optimal way.«

The award has been granted for several projects and actions carried out in TPV over the last period, as well as for ongoing projects.

TPV is an advanced technology company operating as a development supplier in the automotive industry. In addition to exceptional development and production competencies, developing and connecting efficient production and logistics processes are equally important to meet customers needs.  The ultimate trend of industry is aimed at smart factories and TPV Group joins this trend by upgrading IT systems, increasing automation of production processes and smart logistics solutions as an indispensable part of smart factories.

In the area of smart factories, TPV Group does not only play a role of their followers but also of an active player. Based on positive experience of implementing automated production logistics in their own production plants, they developed together with the start-up company IKU their own comprehensive and reliable automation solutions consisting of automated guided vehicles AGV, and the automated guided vehicle Optimatik160. The latter is distinguished by numerous competitive advantages and has also been successfully launched to the market. They want to be an active partner in developing and implementing new technologies in the field of robotics, advanced production technologies for materials, plasma technology and leadership technology.

Damjan Zupančič is an active member of the Slovenian Logistics Association and in recent years he has been a speaker at several lectures,  conferences and seminars. The logistics director as   receiver of the most prominent award in Slovenia (SLZ) is at the same time nominated in the list of the best logist of the year within the European Logistics Association.


TPV building an advanced technology production – logistics centre

At the business unit Velika Loka, the TPV Group presented their development plans for a digitized production – logistics center with usable area of 7.300 m2. By the end of 2017, they will have increased their capacities  by overall  12.300 m2 due to new markets acquired since 2016.   

TPV is an advanced technology company operating as a development supplier in the automotive industry. Over the recent period, they have won several new development and production contracts. In addition to exceptional development competencies needed to meet customers’ requirements, developing efficient production and logistics processes also represents a significant step forward. They will all be connected in a modern digitized production – logistics center to be built on the principle of a smart factory.

Digitized production – logistics center

The center will be located at the business unit TPV Velika Loka. The total estimated amount of investment in the period from 2017 to 2020 is €20,3 million. The investment will include exterior arrangement, construction of a new building, advanced technology production lines, production management system, system of automated internal logistics, digitized storage system, and system of digital interaction with suppliers and customers. In the frame of this new investment, 110 new jobs of different educational levels, profiles and knowledge will be created.

The new production – logistics center will come to life already by the end of 2017.

TPV – a smart factory     

With the new digitized production – logistics center TPV is moving even more decisively  in the direction of a smart factory. The process of digitalization and automation will help them reduce their production costs, increase productivity and  manufacturing accuracy, reach higher quality of end products, reduce the possibility of human errors which all leads to increased TPV’s competitiveness on the market.

In the area of smart factories, TPV does not only play a role of their followers but is also becoming an active player. Their own comprehensive and reliable solutions in the area of automation of internal logistics with the automated guided vehicles, AGV, place the company among active partners in designing and implementing future technologies.

Successful presentation of TPV’s automated guided vehicles at the LogiMAT trade fair

From 14 to 16 March, Stuttgart hosted one of the biggest intralogistics trade fairs in Europe. At this year’s exhibition TPV presented its innovative solutions for comprehensive automation of internal logistics. Visitors were mostly attracted to our exhibition stand by our innovative automated guided vehicle (AGV) TPV Optimatik160, which attracted great attention with its height (it is one of the lowests AGVs on the market) and applicability thanks to its wide array of functions and its autonomy.

TPV Optimatik160 has a height of only 160 milimeters. Its height and width are adapted to dimensions of industrial trolleys which is a unique solution on the market. The vehicles are guided by a magnetic tape and provide an autonomous supply to workstations. This solution improves ergonomics of workstations, reduces number of accidents and creates fewer emissions and less noise. The vehicle can operate 24 hours a day and when not active, the battery charging takes place. It is controlled by the central control system developed in cooperation with the software company IKU. The system is composed of modules for traffic management of large vehicles, interaction with other parts of automation, signalisation, control and error management, and information and advanced planning and scheduling. This approach offers a comprehensive system built on modular and open source solutions and therefore enables simple upgrades.


In TPV, all solutions were first implemented and tested in our own production process. Extremely positive effects, increased efficiency and reliability in process supply have been demonstrated. ROI has been far below one year.   

At the LogiMAT trade fair, TPV’s Automatization team made more than 60 interviews with potential customers including some renowned companies like Daimler, Audi, BMW, VW, MAHLE, GKN, Faurecia, Porsche, Tesco, Draxlmaier, Zeiss, GM, Wurth, Michelin, BSH and others. The team received several requests for studies of internal logistics and more elaborate offers.  Visitors’ responses to our exhibition stand show that our solutions are taking us on the right path and our participation at the LogiMAT trade fair was the right decision raising expectations for positive sales effects.



4th TPV day of innovation

In the TPV Group, innovation is an area which is given a special attention. We are a development supplier to the most demanding customers in the automotive industry, so we are aware that knowing the trends and outstanding innovation progress are a significant driving force for growth and development and the only way leading to competitiveness. In accordance with our vision »Connecting innovatiove solutions«, we aim at establishing a creative work environment and encourage our employees to search for innovative solutions which contribute to the company’s efficiency.

TPV day of innovation is a yearly event where we present our innovation actions and achievements made the previous year and we also point out the trends and new features and findings in the area of innovation.

This year, the innovation day took place on January 31, in the Dolenjski muzej. The ceremony was opened by Mr. Marko Gorjup, Director – President of Management  TPV d.o.o., who in the opening speech stressed the exceptional importance of innovations in optimizing the existing production and business processes, and especially in winning new business and gaining a competitive advantage in the demanding automotive industry worldwide. In terms of winning development business, TPV is getting increasingly  successful and has become a recognized development and pre-development supplier in the automotive industry. Today we develop automotive components whose start of production will be in only 5 years. We are pleased that our innovation and development competencies enjoy the confidence of most demanding and high-end OEMs like BMW, Mercedez Benz, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Renault, Volvo etc.


Krunoslav Šimrak, the director of R&D division, presented innovation guidelines worldwide and results and highlights we reached in 2016 in this area. Last year the employees within the TPV Group submitted 2,6 innovation proposals per person representing a 35 % growth compared to the previous year.   In future, we will be focused on two key  pillars – internal innovation processes and global technology trends. We will implement an innovation platform allowing an open innovation, internal and external flow and philosophy of lean operations. In order to break through worldwide we will pursue research efforts and use of lightweight materials, and further develop the area of automatization and even more intensively join the trend of digitalization.

Among the innovative ideas, the Innovation Committe traditionaly selects the most valuable proposal submitted by an individual and a team and they are rewarded for their contributions.  At the last ceremony, the awards and recognitions for the best innovative ideas were conferred by the director – president of management Mr. Marko Gorjup, the director – member of management, Mr. Ivan Erenda and the director of R&D division, Mr. Krunoslav Šimrak.  According to the Innovation Committee, Bojan Gregorevčič was the most impressive innovator submitting the innovative proposal called »Replacement of cameras on the cutting-folding line for IBK Ø18«.  The award for the most valuable team innovation was conferred to  Toni Kambič,  Mišo Pereško and Boštjan Piletič for the their innovation solution called: »Implementation of collaborative robots«.

In accordance with strategic guidelines adopted by the TPV Group, the employees’ further education is besides the  innovative ideas also a part of the incentive plan.  Mr. Marko Gorjup and Mrs. Martina Brec, the HR director granted recognitions to all employees who finished education last year:   Tilen Boršnar, Mitja Drenovec, Robert Jakofčič, Matej Jevšček, Aleksander Karlovčec, Igor Makovec, Jure Mohar, Matjaž Ogorevc, Sonja Pavše-Grabrijan, Maruša Petan, Žiga Plut, Krunoslav Šimrak and Boštjan Vučajnk.

Mr. Marko Gorjup and Vladimir Gregor Bahč, the procurator of the company TPV Group conferred the Martin Sever Award  for the best graduate thesis. This year’s awardee is Žiga Plut for the master thesis called »Lightweight modification of trailing arm’s bracket for personal vehicle«  (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana).

This year’s ceremony was spiced up by the innovative way of presenting the awards and recognitions. They were delivered by the automated guided vehicule TPV Optimatic160, which is the result of the company’s own development and which complements TPV Group’s range of comprehensive solutions as part of internal logistics automation following the trend of Industry 4.0.

The above mentioned trend was in a very picturesque way presented by the visiting speaker Mr. Tomaž Perme who showed  us around the factories of the future.    Mr. Aleš Pustovrh from ABC Accelerator  presented the possibility of connection of industrial companies with  startup companies and ways to increase the company’s innovation through  the philosophy of startup operation.

TPV is an innovation-focused company which is confirmed by several awards  received including last year national silver award for innovation by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, a golden and two silver awards for innovation by the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina and two silver awards by the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Posavje.

Nevertheless, not only novelties but also our traditions are important  which was emphasized in the music performances.  The men’s vocal band DECI composed of nine experienced singers from the mixed choir Pomlad sang some traditional folk songs and in this way reminded us of our roots.

Change of organisational form and management of the company TPV

The announced change of organisational form of the company TPV was entered in the register of companies on  30. 6. 2016  and therefore the company TPV d.o.o. has become a universal legal successor to the company  TPV d.d.

By entering the new representatives in the register of companies, the shareholders’ meeting resolution on the company TPV d.o.o. management (adopted on 17. 6. 2016) appointing M.Sc. Marko Gorjup the Director representing the company individually and without any limitation, and Ph.D Ivan Erenda the Director representing the company together with the other director,  entered into force  on the same day.


The previous President of the Management Board  Vladimir Gregor Bahč will continue to play an active ownership role as the procurator of the company TPV GROUP d.o.o.

Drive wisely into the green

In April when we celebrate the Earth Day, various events are held to raise the awareness of environmental protection. Any person can contribute significantly to keep environment clean by using, among other things, alternatively powered vehicles. And this is precisely what some students of mechanical engineering focussed on. On the initiative of the University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the students carried out the project »Drive wisely into the green« in cooperation with partners like TPV Group, School Center Novo mesto, the Municipality of Novo mesto and the Municipality of Ljubljana. The project aimed at demonstrating the alternatively powered vehicles (electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles) to pupils, students and other members of the public.

On Wednesday, April 6, 2016 young researchers in cooperation with partners tested the following ecological vehicles: Renault ZOE, Renault Kangoo Z.E., BMW i3, Golf GTE, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Toyota Prius Hybrid, Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Toyota Auris Hybrid. They took a test ride by these cars from Novo mesto to Ljubljana bearing in mind the environment-friendly aspect of the ride. The gathering point was the town hall of Novo mesto where the participants were welcomed by the Mayor of Novo mesto, Gregor Macedoni and the Director of TPV Center, Vladimir Bahč. During their ride to Ljubljana, the young researchers made measurements to be used further on in their education studies. The test driving ended in front of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering where they were received by the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, prof.dr. Branko Širok, and by the team of professors. Then followed a presentation of electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles to the professors, students and pupils which was also one of the purposes of the project.

The Municipality of Novo mesto stimulates the development of e-mobility as a charging station for electric vehicles has already been installed in the city center. Moreover, they wish to entirely replace their vehicle fleet with electric cars in two or three year’s time. In order to stimulate the e-mobility, they also joined the project »Drive wisely into the green«. The TPV Group’s interest to enter the project was to promote a wide range of electric and hybrid cars  and to share their knowledge about the alternatively powered vehicles with young zealous students. Vladimir Bahč, the Director of TPV Avto pointed out  the company’s wish to keep  them updated with new technologies as the relevant development is evolving rapidly. Young people represent a potential for this area and therefore we need to provide them vehicles to perform measurements and to follow the trends in the alternatively powered vehicles.

The alternatively powered vehicles are certainly our future so they will gain an increasingly bigger market share. TPV Center and TPV Avto are inviting you to visit their showrooms at Kandijska cesta 60 and see and test the hybrid and electric cars.


Day of TPV vehicles

On Easter Saturday, March 26, 2016, the TPV Group held an entertaining educational event called Drive into fun aiming at driving visitors into the world of electric and hybrid vehicles, adrenaline off-road ride, lightweight car trailers, and safe driving.

Companies TPV Avto, TPV Center and TPV Prikolice presented their offer and the latest models of vehicles  Toyota, Renault, Nissan and Dacia, and a wide range of lightweight  and special car trailers for different uses. The visitors were taken into the world of electric and hybrid vehicles as the alternatively fuelled vehicles are our future. As there are still a lot of myths, questions and doubts of alternatively fuelled vehicles,  the visitors were given a chance to drive hybrid and electric vehicles.

The event proved to be a real adrenaline experience. The bravest ones could, accompanied by a skilled instructor,  ride on  the off-road polygon with a side inclination of 30 degrees. In addition, visitors could also benefit  from  educational experience. In the overturning simulator, they could test their skills of reacting and rescuing from an overturned car. TPV experts showed visitors how to change tyres and the most skillful were given prizes.

A DJ playing music, a rich entertainment programme, play contests and small cars for children were another attraction of the event. Moreover, some famous faces turned up to join the event.  Fun with electric roller board was also an attraction for the winner of Slovenia’s Got Talent, Jernej Kozan who performed one of his freestyle dancing sets.

If you missed the event where the TPV Group joined education and entertainment activities but you would like to find out something more about hybrid and electric cars, you are welcome to visit TPV Center or TPV Avto to test all these vehicles.


We were awarded for the project called » Automatization of Load Handling with AGV in the Automotive Industry«

October 16th, 2014, the Slovenian Logistics Association« conferred the award for the »best R&D project in logistics« at the occasion of the international business-logistics event »Supply chain management in science and practice 2014« held in Laško.

The purpose of the event is to raise the importance of supply chains and to promote the logistics sector in a broad sense.

Companies and R&D organizations which participated in the contest have in the last 5 years implemented a science and research or a business application project in the area of logistics which  has  innovative features and is presentable for a larger public. Our company was given an award  for the project AUTOMATIZATION OF LOAD HANDLING WITH AGV IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, whose participants were Janez Sluga, Tadej Vrtačič, Matej Mikolič from TPV d.d. and  Domen Rajšelj and David Bele from company IKU.

The criteria for the best project were: ACTUALITY (relevance of the topic in  view of current needs), INNOVATIVENESS (new solution compared to the existing one), APPLICABILITY (possibility of being applied in another environment or company), and EFFECTIVENESS (in consideration of the rate of return, savings,   environment protection, etc).