Damjan Zupančič is logist of the year 2016

On Wednesdy, April 5, the Slovenian Logistics Association awarded the prestigious recognition Logist of the year 2016 to Damjan Zupančič, logistics director in TPV d.o.o. The recognition Logist of the year is the highest Slovenian professional award given to the most successful Slovenian logist  for his exceptional logistics achievements he has made with his knowledge and work over the past year.     

The prestigious recognition Logist of the year has been granted by the Slovenian Logistics Association (SLZ) and their predecessors for a decade. On April 5, at the Logistics congress on »Supply chain Management in Science and Practice«, they conferred this award to Damjan Zupančič, logistics director in TPV d.o.o., who stressed that »the award has been earned by the whole team of colleagues and company management who understand and support the needs of logistics. It is reassuring that both the company and the relevant professional association identify our appropriate guidelines and highly professional work on the area of comprehensive management and development of logistics. The main driver of all logistics actions is, of course, to provide customers with excellent services, change the principle of logistigs through internal actions and projects from inevitable and necessary operating costs into a new thinking of logistics as a process creating an added value when implemented correctly and in an optimal way.«

The award has been granted for several projects and actions carried out in TPV over the last period, as well as for ongoing projects.

TPV is an advanced technology company operating as a development supplier in the automotive industry. In addition to exceptional development and production competencies, developing and connecting efficient production and logistics processes are equally important to meet customers needs.  The ultimate trend of industry is aimed at smart factories and TPV Group joins this trend by upgrading IT systems, increasing automation of production processes and smart logistics solutions as an indispensable part of smart factories.

In the area of smart factories, TPV Group does not only play a role of their followers but also of an active player. Based on positive experience of implementing automated production logistics in their own production plants, they developed together with the start-up company IKU their own comprehensive and reliable automation solutions consisting of automated guided vehicles AGV, and the automated guided vehicle Optimatik160. The latter is distinguished by numerous competitive advantages and has also been successfully launched to the market. They want to be an active partner in developing and implementing new technologies in the field of robotics, advanced production technologies for materials, plasma technology and leadership technology.

Damjan Zupančič is an active member of the Slovenian Logistics Association and in recent years he has been a speaker at several lectures,  conferences and seminars. The logistics director as   receiver of the most prominent award in Slovenia (SLZ) is at the same time nominated in the list of the best logist of the year within the European Logistics Association.