TPV building an advanced technology production – logistics centre

At the business unit Velika Loka, the TPV Group presented their development plans for a digitized production – logistics center with usable area of 7.300 m2. By the end of 2017, they will have increased their capacities  by overall  12.300 m2 due to new markets acquired since 2016.   

TPV is an advanced technology company operating as a development supplier in the automotive industry. Over the recent period, they have won several new development and production contracts. In addition to exceptional development competencies needed to meet customers’ requirements, developing efficient production and logistics processes also represents a significant step forward. They will all be connected in a modern digitized production – logistics center to be built on the principle of a smart factory.

Digitized production – logistics center

The center will be located at the business unit TPV Velika Loka. The total estimated amount of investment in the period from 2017 to 2020 is €20,3 million. The investment will include exterior arrangement, construction of a new building, advanced technology production lines, production management system, system of automated internal logistics, digitized storage system, and system of digital interaction with suppliers and customers. In the frame of this new investment, 110 new jobs of different educational levels, profiles and knowledge will be created.

The new production – logistics center will come to life already by the end of 2017.

TPV – a smart factory     

With the new digitized production – logistics center TPV is moving even more decisively  in the direction of a smart factory. The process of digitalization and automation will help them reduce their production costs, increase productivity and  manufacturing accuracy, reach higher quality of end products, reduce the possibility of human errors which all leads to increased TPV’s competitiveness on the market.

In the area of smart factories, TPV does not only play a role of their followers but is also becoming an active player. Their own comprehensive and reliable solutions in the area of automation of internal logistics with the automated guided vehicles, AGV, place the company among active partners in designing and implementing future technologies.