We were awarded for the project called » Automatization of Load Handling with AGV in the Automotive Industry«

October 16th, 2014, the Slovenian Logistics Association« conferred the award for the »best R&D project in logistics« at the occasion of the international business-logistics event »Supply chain management in science and practice 2014« held in Laško.

The purpose of the event is to raise the importance of supply chains and to promote the logistics sector in a broad sense.

Companies and R&D organizations which participated in the contest have in the last 5 years implemented a science and research or a business application project in the area of logistics which  has  innovative features and is presentable for a larger public. Our company was given an award  for the project AUTOMATIZATION OF LOAD HANDLING WITH AGV IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, whose participants were Janez Sluga, Tadej Vrtačič, Matej Mikolič from TPV d.d. and  Domen Rajšelj and David Bele from company IKU.

The criteria for the best project were: ACTUALITY (relevance of the topic in  view of current needs), INNOVATIVENESS (new solution compared to the existing one), APPLICABILITY (possibility of being applied in another environment or company), and EFFECTIVENESS (in consideration of the rate of return, savings,   environment protection, etc).