Change of organisational form and management of the company TPV

The announced change of organisational form of the company TPV was entered in the register of companies on  30. 6. 2016  and therefore the company TPV d.o.o. has become a universal legal successor to the company  TPV d.d.

By entering the new representatives in the register of companies, the shareholders’ meeting resolution on the company TPV d.o.o. management (adopted on 17. 6. 2016) appointing M.Sc. Marko Gorjup the Director representing the company individually and without any limitation, and Ph.D Ivan Erenda the Director representing the company together with the other director,  entered into force  on the same day.


The previous President of the Management Board  Vladimir Gregor Bahč will continue to play an active ownership role as the procurator of the company TPV GROUP d.o.o.