Day of TPV vehicles

On Easter Saturday, March 26, 2016, the TPV Group held an entertaining educational event called Drive into fun aiming at driving visitors into the world of electric and hybrid vehicles, adrenaline off-road ride, lightweight car trailers, and safe driving.

Companies TPV Avto, TPV Center and TPV Prikolice presented their offer and the latest models of vehicles  Toyota, Renault, Nissan and Dacia, and a wide range of lightweight  and special car trailers for different uses. The visitors were taken into the world of electric and hybrid vehicles as the alternatively fuelled vehicles are our future. As there are still a lot of myths, questions and doubts of alternatively fuelled vehicles,  the visitors were given a chance to drive hybrid and electric vehicles.

The event proved to be a real adrenaline experience. The bravest ones could, accompanied by a skilled instructor,  ride on  the off-road polygon with a side inclination of 30 degrees. In addition, visitors could also benefit  from  educational experience. In the overturning simulator, they could test their skills of reacting and rescuing from an overturned car. TPV experts showed visitors how to change tyres and the most skillful were given prizes.

A DJ playing music, a rich entertainment programme, play contests and small cars for children were another attraction of the event. Moreover, some famous faces turned up to join the event.  Fun with electric roller board was also an attraction for the winner of Slovenia’s Got Talent, Jernej Kozan who performed one of his freestyle dancing sets.

If you missed the event where the TPV Group joined education and entertainment activities but you would like to find out something more about hybrid and electric cars, you are welcome to visit TPV Center or TPV Avto to test all these vehicles.