TPV Innovation Day

In the TPV Group we aim at establishing a creative work environment and therefore encourage our employees to search for innovation solutions in order to contribute to the company’s efficiency. Every year the Innovation Committee selects the most innovative idea  submitted by an individual and a team and they are rewarded for their contributions. On the innovation day, the President of the Management Board Vladimir Gregor Bahč and the Management Board Member Marko Gorjup conferred the awards and prizes for the best innovative ideas.

According to the Innovation Committee Marko Pečarič was most impressive innovator submitting the suggestion called »Reduction in amount of material for the ident number 8989«. The best team innovation award was conferred to Stanislav Bobnar, Srečko Basarac, Anton Juratovac and Anton Pezdirc for their innovative solution called »Products made by two operators«.

At the event, we hosted two lecturers: Andrej Pečjak from the company Metron Inštitut who presented the innovation and development of electric vehicle, and Uroš Močnik, MBA, who led the visitors from from routine to creative thinking. The audience was also addressed by the Dean of the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering Branko Širok who pointed out the importance of innovation as it is beside knowledge one of the key foundations for a successful performance of development engineers and companies.

In addition to the innovative ideas, we also encourage the supplementary education of the employees in accordance with the strategic objectives set by the TPV Group. Every year the President of the Management Board confers  Martin Sever awards for the best graduate thesis. This year’s awardees are: Jože Kastrevc, Boštjan Perše, Kristjan Kežman and Jože Pečavar.

TPV is an innovation-focused company which is confirmed by numerous innovative ideas and enviable successes achieved last year. We can boast two gold awards for innovation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dolenjske and Bela Krajina and a silver award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – the Reginal Unit of Posavje. We have also achieved an outstanding success on the national level by being given a gold and bronze national award.