Opening of fine art exhibition by architect Marijan Lapajne

On Monday, January 4, 2016 was an opening of fine art exhibition by the renowned architect from Novo mesto, Marijan Lapajne who lives his life to the fullest and who has given the city of Novo mesto an architectural character. At the exhibition, a great significance of his architectural solutions and designs was  pointed out by Vladimir Gregor Bahč, President of the Management Board of TPV d.d., Gregor Macedoni, Mayor of Municipality of Novo mesto, professor Branko Šuster and Tomaž Kordiš, President of GZDB.

Marijan Lapajne is active in several areas and besides architecture and photography he is passionate about travelling and swimming. Diversity of his life is reflected in the exhibited photographs divided in the following topic sections: buy it, Mirsad and Jurij, farewell Palmira, fairies of the Gorjanci hills and the  celebrator, Montreal 2014, news,  hedge mustard and dandlion leaves, faces in passing. The exhibition also features drawings of TPV headquarters building,   architectural proposals of the third development axis and architectural plan for preservation of the Znančev mill with sawmill.

Marijan Lapajne is dedicating this exhibition to his long-lasting friend, the President of the Management Board, Mr Vladimir Gregor Bahč at his jubilee celebration.