TPV winner of a national gold award selected by an expert committee and public voting

Yesterday Brdo pri Kranju hosted the 16th Innovation Day of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS), where the national awards for innovation were granted. 197 innovations and 772 innovators were involved in the competition for the awards at the regional level while 42 best innovations from 13 regions of Slovenia competed today in the national finals.
The absolute winner of the competition was the TPV’s innovation »the first integrated stepless door check«, which won both the gold award and the public choice award.

The winning group of innovators consists of:  Mirko Zupanc, Vili Malnarič, Jurij Švegelj, Miran Podpečan, Marko Malnarič, Mitja Drenovec, Aleš Jakša, Tadej Verce, Dušan Šimec, Matevž Masilo and Boštjan Judež. The awards were conferred by   the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Marjan Šarec and the President of  GZS Boštjan Gorjup.

The gold national award is just another  confirmation of the breakthrough ideas and innovations of the TPV Group, which has been emphasizing the importance of innovations  and implementing  them systematically for several years now.  Innovativeness is strongly integrated in all work processes and mindset of all employees in the TPV Group who have in last year submitted almost 3.000 innovative proposals which makes an average of 2,9 per employee.

TPV’s innovation being selected the best innovation also by wide public participation demonstrates the product’s real useful value and market potential. The product brings about numerous benefits to both  car manufacturers and final users. The event participants had a chance to see all its advantages and try the rewarding feeling  it provides.

And what is the innovation about? Usual door checks of vehicles normally provide two holding positions between the opening and closing position. However, this often proves to be insufficient, because there is a  risk of damaging both our and neighbouring vehicles’ doors. This has led the company TPV to identify the need of door checks with unlimited door positioning between both extreme positions. This innovative solution solves the design and implementation problem of the  door check system as it takes only little space for installation and provides stepless holding positions. The innovative stepless door check is lightweight designed, compact, durable, easy to manufacture and use, it does not need any maintenance in its lifetime, so it is suitable for large scale manufacturing. With the innovative solution we provide major benefits to both the car manufacturers and car users.

For more about functioning and benefits brought about by this innovation click here.



TPV Group is one of the leading development suppliers operating on the global market of automotive industry. Their core activity, whose main driver is the company TPV d.o.o., is development and production of different components for automotive industry, such as body and chassis assemblies, car seat components and parts, and engine gaskets. Moreover, they develop and provide comprehensive solutions for production logistics management, where the automated guided vehicles, which are result of their own development, are one of the key products. The company is located in five sites in Slovenia– Novo mesto, Brežice, Suhor, Velika Loka and Ptuj – and one site in Kragujevac, Serbia. They are globally recognized as a development and pre-development supplier in the automotive industry. Their development  services are purchased by most demanding OEMs for their premium  brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, Renault etc. TPV develops products which have a  significant impact on the driving dynamics, safety, ecology and driving comfort.
The TPV Group is besides TPV d.o.o. composed of TPV Prikolice d.o.o., TPV Avto d.o.o. and TPV Šumadija d.o.o,, extending their field of operation to sales of new and used cars, program of comprehensive services for car users and program of light car trailers. The latter are developed and produced jointly with the German partner Böckmann. TPV is also one of the partners in the development company called SiEVA, who develops technological competencies and takes part in various research projects.

TPV Group revenue: 153 mio € (2017)
Employees: 1.205 (2017)