TPV helping Novo mesto to get back the cultural heritage

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Anton Podbevšek, the most prominent protagonist of the Novo mesto spring, a unique and bold initiator of the Slovenian avant-garde movement, and a model of Slovenian modernists, who introduced a lot of radical novelties on the Slovenian literary scene.

During a recent pulling down of a house in Ljubljana, they accidentally found the original copy of a literary rarity, a collection of poems A Man with Bombs annotated by Podbevšek, and typescripts of a corrected edition which was never published, and TPV at their 30th anniversary of operations and upcoming 100th anniversary of the Novo mesto spring decided to help to return it back to Novo mesto in cooperation with the Miran Jarc Library.

Returning the collection to the city of Novo mesto is an important act towards preserving cultural heritage on both local and national level as it has made it available to citizens of Novo mesto and other interested public in both physical and digital form.

The literary collection along with some other rarities from Podbevšek’s heritage will be offered to the citizens of Novo mesto by Marko Gorjup, M.Sc., the president – Director of TPV Group, and on behalf of the citizens received by the Mayor of the Municipality of Novo mesto, Gregor Macedoni. The collection will find its place in special collections held in the library in Novo mesto.

The ceremony of handing the collection followed by a rich cultural musical program will be held on Wednesday, 5 June 2019, at 18:00 in the atrium of Miran Jarc Library in Novo mesto. Admission free.

Most warmly invited!