Changes in organisational structure in TPV Group

Companies within the TPV Group operate successfully and have well established themselves in their respective marketing areas. They have different core businesses and use them in their respective product programs or business divisions, i.e. production of automotive components, sales and servicing of vehicles, and production of light car trailers.
With the aim of ensuring more optimal and more transparent operations of each individual company, we have implemented some crucial organisational changes in the TPV Group, clearly specifying roles of the individual company within the group.

TPV Group d.o.o. as a parent company manages the capital investments and investment property and holds the strategic corporate functions of the group, such as corporate governance, strategy, strategic sales and marketing, corporate finance and corporate communications.  On the other hand, the associated companies TPV d.o.o., TPV Avto d.o.o. and TPV Prikolice d.o.o. are responsible for target management of their respective company or division, operationnal planning, performance of their operations and reporting.

In accordance with the recommendation of the Corporate Governance Code for non-public companies, the Shareholders’ Assembly of TPV Group d.o.o. adopted a resolution on appointment of the supervisory board  of the company, with Vladimir Gregor Bahč appointed as chairman of the supervisory board, Marija Rešetič as deputy chairperson of the supervisory board, and Darinka Antončič as member of the supervisory board.

In accordance with the reorganisation, the following changes in management  became effective on 1 April;

in the parent company of the group TPV Group d.o.o.:
Vladimir Gregor Bahč was appointed as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
Marko Gorjup, M.Sc.,  was appointed as the Group President and CEO of the parent company – TPV Group d.o.o,

in company TPV d.o.o.:
Ivan Erenda, Ph.d., was appointed as CEO.

No changes were implemented in other companies.

The new organisational structure will enable more effective operations which will facilitate the achievement of goals by all companies within the group and provide further progress in the coming years.