The BeltPICK project successfully completed


The BeltPICK development research innovation project was successfully completed at TPV Automotive.  BeltPICK is a robotic cell with advanced 3D machine vision for the manipulation of various scattered pieces from the production line. It is the result of in-house development and know-how contributed to the project by the company TPV Automotive and the small innovative company Alpineon.

The purpose of the project is development and research in the direction of solving development challenges and opportunities in small-batch and large-batch production, which are present in the robotic manipulation of pieces from packaging units, where the pieces are located in a scattered state.

The goal of the BeltPICK project was the development of a new innovative high-tech robotic cell that uses advanced 3D machine vision and a robotic arm to manipulate various scattered pieces from the production line. The final validation of the cell in the operational environment of the industrial production process was successful, proving the product in its final form is suitable for use in a real environment and suitable for marketing. The robotic cell is tested in an operational environment and with real samples in the automotive industry, and is also suitable for applications in other sectors such as the white goods industry and pharmaceuticals.

The BeltPICK robotic cell with advanced 3D machine vision represents a completely new high-tech product intended for use in the smart factories of the future. It enables companies with large-scale and small-scale production to produce products with high added value. The system has great market potential in factories of the future globally, both in the automotive sector and in other sectors as well.


BeltPICK project; bin-picking