High interest in TPV at the Career Fair »MojeDelo«

October, 15th 2015, the traditional 13th Career Fair MojeDelo 2015 was held in Ljubljana. This job fair is an opportunity for job seekers to meet employers and establish connections with them. The purpose or the challenge of  this Career fair was to connect at least 10.000 career-oriented individuals with employers.

Prior to the Career fair 2015, we published job advertisements on the job portal MojeDelo.com for the jobs or professions like engineers, researchers, project engineers, technologists, maintainers and tool makers.

TPV was represented by Irena Mislej, Aleš Mikolič and Boštjan Dobovšek and our  exposition stand was attracted by a lot of visitors and more than 60 active job seekers stopped by our stand  to make a short job interview and submit their CV. TPV representatives answered questions about TPV and our specific skills and distributed special questionnaires to complete in order to receive some additional precious information.

According to the visitors’ level of formal education, they can be classified in two major groups: mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and automatics and robotics  were their main areas of interest. They are followed by economy (sales, purchasing and project management as the most interesting areas of interest) and chemical engineering (metallurgical engineering and materials).

By all means, the most suitable candidates will be invited to an interview and in view of agreement they will be included in our database of potential job candidates.