A multipurpose pathway between TPV and Revoz opened today

Safety provision – for users of our products, our employees and local people – has always been a priority in TPV. As a socially responsible company, we have joined the project of a multipurpose pathway arrangement connecting Grm and Žabja vas.

The new pathway – a collective project between the municipality of Novo mesto, Revoz and TPV – in particular represents an important acquisition for the primary school Grm pupils from Gotna vas, Žabja vas and Jedinščica, as it will shorten and above all make safer their everyday way to and from school.  The pathway is also intended for other users – pedestrians and cyclists. They are the most vulnerable road users, this is why it is all the more important  to attend to  their safety.

Although the project  seemed to be impossible to realize as this area serves as an important supply connection between Revoz and TPV, all investors involved have made a step further  and found the best solution and therefore proved that good cooperation results in optimum coexistence for welfare of all.

The project included construction of a new asphalt pathway for pedestrians and cyclists in a length of 260 m and width of 3 m. The pathway was opened today by the representatives of TPV, Revoz and the municipality of Novo mesto and children who are the everyday »walking bus« commuters from Žabja vas and Grm.  Darko Janežič, director of TPV Group d.o.o., who was the project team member on behalf of TPV, said    »We are happy to see children and other citizens are now offered a shelter between two large industrial buildings. We hope this pathway is only the first step – a piece of mosaic – to be ugraded into an overall cyclist and pedestrian circle connection around Novo mesto.«