TPV holder of AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate status

The AEO programme is a part of the global  initiative to ensure security of the entire supply chain. The main purpose is to enhance security along the external borders of the Union and increase the movement of goods through simplified customs procedures and use of  information technology.

AEO status provides economic operators, who meet the conditions and criteria, with the following benefits in the form of facilitation of the customs controls in terms of safety and security and / or simplifications in accordance with the customs regulations:

  • a lowerrisk score in therisk analysis system;
  • fewer physicaland document-based controlsthan for other economic operators;
  • priority treatment of consignments if selected for control;
  • signaturesof different mutual recognition agreementsofthe AEOstatus between EUandpartner countriescanallow them faster procedures processin third countriesalso;
  • a reduced data set requirement for entry and exit summary declarations – security and safety;
  • easier admittance to customs simplifications.

That means that the holders of AEO certificates can complete the customs formalities faster than other companies. AEO certificate holders are recognized as safe and secure business partners in international trade.

In the presence of Mr. Vladimir Gregor Bahč, the certificate was handed to Mr. Marko Gorjup by the Director of the Financial Office Novo mesto Milan Kelher.