Silver Award for innovativeness by expert jury of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for TPV Group

Yesterday, 25 September 2019, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia solemnly held the 17th Innovation Day at the Brdo Congress Center in the city of Kranj. There were 199 innovations competing at the regional level, but only top 44 innovations were competing at the national level yesterday.

For one of its latest innovations called “Smart Factory Module for Automatically Disassembling Products from KTL with Automatic Product Quality Control after the KTL Surface Addition”, TPV gained national silver recognition at yesterday’s event, which has already received gold recognition by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dolenjska and Bela krajina region.

The innovation is a smart factory module for removing products from KTL hangers with automatic quality control after KTL surface protection. The sophisticated and advanced technology solution has been developed with the aim to increase productivity, improve quality, ergonomics, safety, reduce labor costs and strive for Industry 4.0, combining all necessary operations into a single one.

The award-winning group of innovators consists of the following innovative individuals: Mišo Pereško, Domen Murn, Miran Ferenčak, Jernej Knežič, Aleš Hribar, Tatjana Lamovšek and Aleš Mohorčič.



The silver national recognition for the TPV Group is a new acknowledgment of the innovativeness of the company, which has been paying extraordinary attention to the innovation culture and has been systematically and thoughtfully developing it for many years. Innovation is strongly involved in both, work processes and also the employees mindset. This year alone, employees have submitted over 2,000 innovative proposals, and since 2007, nearly 16,000 of them have been systematically collected. However, in January this year at the event Innovation Day, they also opened their innovation system outwards, with the TPV Innovation Station platform. The platform is aimed at the innovative individuals and start-ups who have breakthrough ideas for new products and technologies in the field of mobility and electrification. With its years of experience and connections, TPV Group can help them and turn these ideas into reality.





TPV Group is one of the leading development suppliers operating on the global market of automotive industry. Their core activity, whose main driver is the company TPV d.o.o., is development and production of different components for automotive industry, such as body and chassis assemblies, car seat components and parts, and engine gaskets. Moreover, they develop and provide comprehensive solutions for production logistics management, where the automated guided vehicles, which are result of their own development, are one of the key products. The company is located in five sites in Slovenia– Novo mesto, Brežice, Suhor, Velika Loka and Ptuj – and one site in Kragujevac, Serbia. Due to the needs of customers, they intend to extend their production processes to new markets in the following years.
They are globally recognized as a development and pre-development supplier in the automotive industry. Their development services are purchased by most demanding OEMs for their premium brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, Renault etc. TPV develops products which have a significant impact on the driving dynamics, safety, ecology and driving comfort.
The TPV Group is besides TPV d.o.o. composed of TPV Prikolice d.o.o., TPV Avto d.o.o. and TPV Šumadija d.o.o., extending their field of operation to sales of new and used cars, program of comprehensive services for car users and program of light car trailers. The latter are developed and produced jointly with the German partner Böckmann. TPV is also one of the partners in the development company called SiEVA, who develops technological competencies and takes part in various research projects.