10th anniversary of the company TPV Šumadija – record results and expansion of development activities

At their 10th anniversary of business activity, TPV Šumadija announced to set up their own development center, signed a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of Kragujevac and launched a call for scholarships for young engineering talents.

TPV Group as one of the first foreign investors in Serbia, established the company TPV Šumadija in Kragujevac which has been successfully operating as the center for engine gasket production and inceasingly developing production of automotive components for the direct assembly. Their products are exported to three continents and over 25 countries.

When they set up the production 10 years ago, they employed 70 people, 60 of whom still work for the company today. In the course of this period, they have obtained the ISO TS international automotive certification and this year they are preparing for transition to the IATF standard. According to Mr. Marko Gorjup, Director – President of Management, TPV Šumadija currently employing over 100 people, will end this year with a record result of 3,9 million EUR and 3,4 million of products sold. As underlined by Mr. Gorjup, the greatest thanks go to the well-played and committed employees. According to his announcement, TPV Šumadija will continue to be the center for engine gasket production, and in the light of customers’ response, they will also increasingly expand the production of automotive components for the direct assembly and strengthen their developing competencies.

At the formal ceremony taking place in the company facilities, they signed an agreement on research and technical cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of Kragujevac and announced a call for scholarships for your engineering talents. By this means, they will expand and strengthen their development competencies with regard to engine gaskets and automotive components for direct assembly – body and chassis assemblies and seat components. Mr. Gorjup also stressed that »We are aware that Serbia with their long tradition in the automotive industry, quality educational institutions, talents and knowledge in the area of machinery, represents a big development potential which is worth being used. This is why we will establish a development center in this region next year. For this purpose, we will associate with local faculties and institutes.”

Beside the representatives of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of Kragujevac, the president of the regional Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Predrag Lučić, represetatives of the city of Kragujevac, the representative of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Franci Povše, and numerous international business partners were also present at the event.