TPV AUTOMOTIVE welcomes ambassadors of slovenian economy


SPIRIT Slovenia – Public Agency appointed 41 ambassadors of Slovenian economy with a long-term goal to increase the visibility of the Slovenian business environment under the slogan “GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART.” We are proud to be selected as one of the ambassadors as SPIRIT Slovenia connects outstanding companies and organizations that are increasing the visibility of Slovenia as a technologically advanced, creative, and green country, as well as a reliable and progressive business environment.

The campaign is important not only to promote Slovenian economy, but it serves as a promotion of ambassadors in their own right as well.

TPV AUTOMOTIVE is honoured to have been chosen as the host for the second SPIRIT ambassador meeting.

The meeting took place on Thursday, 22 September, 2022, at TPV AUTOMOTIVE’s headquarters in Brezina. Dr. Ivan Erenda, CEO of TPV AUTOMOTIVE, d. o. o., took the participants through the company’s history and emphasized the importance of green, creative, and smart economy which permeates TPV AUTOMOTIVE as well:

Green: Our lightweight approach to product development contributes to more eco-friendly vehicles and the new technology we use significantly reduces carbon print.

Creative: Our continuous development of innovation is evident in our development accomplishments, customer satisfaction, more than 21,000 innovative proposals and over 90 awards.

Smart: Our production processes follow smart factory trends as they are planned and validated with the help of virtual reality. Digital transformation is vital to the development of all our business processes.

After the presentation, the participants took a tour of the Brezina factory, followed by a roundtable meeting and networking at Mokrice castle.